Thursday, May 18, 2006


During an amazing holiday in Cuba I spent a fascinating morning in the company of a group of librarians and reading promoters in Havana, including the Director of BIBLIOTECA NACIONAL "JOSÈ MARTI", Miguel Viciedo, Vice President of ASCUBI and Margarita Bellas, President ASCUBI. ASCUBI, the Asociación Cubana de Bibliothecarios. Adrian Guerra Pensado runs the children's library and did a great job as interpreter. He's pictured pointing at the smiley face used as a form of reader recommendation.
"Everybody reads in Cuba" I was told, and bringing literacy to the people was one of the first tasks of the revolution. I have to say I saw a lot more singing and dancing than reading and writing on the streets.. but then that's what I was looking for. Pictured is a rumba session linked to the Santeria religion.

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