Sunday, July 23, 2006

I started this blog soon after an Awayweek with a group of Directors from a range of literature development organisations who had met together and found they had lots to discuss. That week was life changing for me, an amazing opportunity to think around work with a supportive and stimulating group who faced similar issues. A year later and we've a) been awarded Arts Council funding as part of their cultural leadership programme and b) our second awayweek, at Cumberland Lodge this time, and involving members of our teams in day sessions on marketing, strategy and 'thinking big', has been as thought provoking and battery recharging as the first. The group currently called Friendly Literature Organisations (FLO for short) includes Chris Hollifield of the Poetry Book Society, Emma Hewett of Spread the Word, Stephanie Anderson of the Arvon Foundation, Geraldine Collinge of Apples & Snakes, Jules Mann of the Poetry Society and Ruth Borthwick, Head of Literature and Talks at the South Bank Centre.

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